1. absolutejank:



    Guardians of the Galaxy - MTG. 

    Love this version of rocket so much. That’s the one that suits him best.

    He does not like being called “Racoon”

    Also Rocket is black. He is very selfish.

    Actually, those are some pretty decent cards. I’d swap the Drax’s Black and Rocket’s Green, but overall, solid design game.

  2. deesky:

    Can someone tell me which comic is this? 


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  3. humansofnewyork:

    "We’re all victims of the architect. Architecture is the only art that you can’t help but feel. You can avoid paintings, you can avoid music, and you can even avoid history. But good luck getting away from architecture."

    This sounds like a fucking supervillain’s monologue.

  4. Those two are like Superman and Lex Luthor. Both powerful, passionate people, each with a distinct set of followers with opposing viewpoints and tactics, though they can put aside their differences at times to work to a mutual end if necessary.

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  5. daftwithoneshoe:




    i don’t even understand how boy bands from the late 90’s dance so well

    yeah they’re always so nsync


    Alright, calm down, if you’re going to fight, take it to the back street, boys.

    C’mon man, don’t make us go out in this heat wave, it’s like 98 degrees out there.

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  6. [x]

    Fuck Nicki, because she seems like she’s a one-night stand loving dude.
    Kill Beyonce, because ANARCHY!!!!
    Marry Rihanna, because I’d try to make her happy and I think she deserves that.

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  7. dion-thesocialist:


    deep sigh of contentment

    no way

    Betcha this guy’s got some finals he’s studying for.

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  9. what-doth-life:




    I was just looking for the bathroom and stumbled upon Bill Nye the thuggest Science Guy.

    It my skewl

    It MY (ex-)skewl!  Bill Fucking Nye was there??

    Dude you have to come back to this skewl

    You all have to go back to school.

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