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    Fuck Nicki, because she seems like she’s a one-night stand loving dude.
    Kill Beyonce, because ANARCHY!!!!
    Marry Rihanna, because I’d try to make her happy and I think she deserves that.

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  2. dion-thesocialist:


    deep sigh of contentment

    no way

    Betcha this guy’s got some finals he’s studying for.

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    I was just looking for the bathroom and stumbled upon Bill Nye the thuggest Science Guy.

    It my skewl

    It MY (ex-)skewl!  Bill Fucking Nye was there??

    Dude you have to come back to this skewl

    You all have to go back to school.

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  6. bluewatersapphire:

    Be hold my new poster just bought it
    Wondering if we gonna see this dude in kh 3

    Probably, Mickey Mouse is their flagship character.

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  7. What’s really messing with me is the post in the gif on the post.

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    I made this to work with Elemental of Surprise, but I like it in its own right.

    Could probably find art for this one easily enough but I’m feeling lazy tonight.


    Full art …because imakethecard was feeling lazy last night.


    This one’s not all about the direct mana, though, it’s 3 creatures entering the battlefield, which can trigger a whole shitton of abilities, not to mention if you pair it with something that boosts creatures or tokens, or elementals, you’re dealing 6 damage. It’s a good card design, I love the full-art version with revisions, and would run it in a red-combo deck if I could.

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    Fast-food workers protest in Cicero today, just west of Chicago. Part 1.

    Cmon, Cicero!


    Signal boost!

  10. imakethecard:



    I quite like the three-colour Charms in Alara, so I decided to try and make some two-colour cards with two options. (I also made some four-colour Commands. Expect to see them later.)

    I’m not exactly happy with the names here. “Request” is just kinda lame-sounding. But at least it fits in with Charm and Command. Suggestions would be appreciated.

    As for the designs themselves, I’m reasonably happy with them. But I think the green-black one might be too good.

    Request implies choice, which lets me think that these cards should let the opponent choose the spell, and then you choose the targets.

    I’d rather change the names than the effects. Any ideas?

    How about Agenda? Alternatively, you could use Mandate, Scroll, Coin (since it’s two options), Devices, or Essence. Use the “Could this be a Band Name” Rule.